Doubling Up (or Down)?

I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday! I suppose it’s related to everything that was crammed into the day.

I doubled up on exercising today. Per the norm, I ran 4 miles during my lunch break. Though it was only in the mid-70s, the D.C. humidity creeped in and made that 4 miles feel like 6…going uphill.

I work in Rosslyn, Virginia, which is directly across the Potomac River from D.C.’s Georgetown neighborhood. The Key Bridge connects the two so my afternoon runs involve me dodging cyclists, unaware tourists, and disconnected pedestrians. Here’s a view of the Georgetown Waterfront from today’s run:

The view from Virginia as I'm running over the Key Bridge. Looks far, right? It's barely over a mile!

The view from Virginia as I’m running over the Key Bridge. Looks far, right? It’s barely over a mile!

Once over the Key Bridge, you hit M Street, which is the main artery of Georgetown. It’s always clogged with traffic, tourists, and shoppers. I’ve learned to avoid M Street when I’m on one of my tempo runs (like I was today) so I can get a more accurate pace time. I run the towpath along the C&O Canal, instead. The canal was used for nearly 100 years to transport lumber and other goods to market. It’s quite peaceful and hardly ever crowded, though it can smell sometimes…like today!

The C&O Canal towpath is shaded and has an easy-on-the-knees dirt trail.  It’s a nice change from the hot pavement and crowded streets.

As I was finishing up my run and heading back to Virginia, a dog tried to attack me! It’s a good thing I have cat-like reflexes and a Jersey attitude. The dog’s owner began to yell at me as if it was my fault. Really? This is a perfect example of something I mentioned earlier: disconnected pedestrians (e.g., oblivious human talking on cell phone).

What a jolt of excitement, huh? Well, I’ve got more.

I received an incredibly generous donation today from an anonymous donor. If you’re reading this Anonymous, I thank you a million times over. If you tell me who you are, you get a handmade thank you card courtesy of moi. Is that enticing enough?!

Oh, I guess sharing the amount with you, my readers, would be helpful.

$500. Yes. No joke.

I’m still sort of in shock like you, but instead of continuing to play Sherlock, I’ll move on.

My second exercise sesh of the day was at the barre 3 studio in Georgetown. Are you familiar with barre? It’s an incredible full body workout and I’m convinced that it’s making my legs stronger. I can just tell during my runs. To my runner friends and followers, I highly recommend incorporating this into your training. (SHOUT OUT TIME: Thanks to my friend Tana for getting me ADDICTED to something healthy and curbing my appetite for gin! BARRE 3 FOR LIFE!)

It’s been a busy day and as you can guess, I’m somewhere between exhausted and totally pumped up from adrenaline. Perhaps I’ll make the conscious effort to wind down and rest up. Cross-training tomorrow!



One thought on “Doubling Up (or Down)?

  1. Chrissy- YOU are amazing! I know that Dave is your inspiration – but your commitment and spirit is an inspiration to Dave. That can-do Jersey attitude #%*! will keep you both going when going gets tough! We’re behind you 100% and deeply touched by your campaign- “DO IT FOR DAVE”.

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