5 Miles and Monuments

What a gorgeous morning for a run!

Washington Monument Selfie

Washington Monument Selfie

Today I logged 5 miles and explored different routes surrounding the National Mall. Even though I’ve lived in D.C. for almost 9 years, I hardly ever go downtown to visit the museums or see the monuments. I definitely don’t take them for granted; I think I’m just used to them. It was a welcome change to explore this morning before the Mall became crowded with tourists.

My first stop was the White House. Seeing that never gets old. I was fortunate enough to tour it once, and the most impressive thing I remember is seeing Marine One (the President’s helicopter) landing on the South Lawn!

The White House

The White House

My route this morning took me to the Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Reflecting Pool.

The Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial


The Reflecting Pool with the Washington Monument and Capitol in the background.

The Reflecting Pool with the Washington Monument and Capitol in the background.

One thing to remember when living in or visiting D.C.:

Going downtown is literally going down a hill…so when you return uptown, you’re climbing a very steady incline! Eeek, that was the latter part of my run this morning! Nonetheless, I felt really strong.

You know who else is feeling strong? My cousin! I learned from his wife, Lori, that he completes his condensed chemo treatments on June 24, which is the date of his next bone marrow biopsy. Coincidentally, I’m visiting my family the weekend of June 28, so it’s looking like we’ll all be able to see each other! Can’t wait to post pics of our reunion!

Training with LLS and TNT is definitely bringing my family closer together, and I absolutely love it.


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