Unexpected Outcomes

A welcome and unexpected result of my training and fundraising: my brother and mom are now getting involved in their own challenge to help raise money and awareness for LLS!

Neither one is ready for a marathon challenge, but they are ready to run the equivalent. They are running nine 5K races within the next four months! One 5K is about 3.2 miles, and if you multiply that by 9 you get 28.8 miles. Even though 300 miles separate us, we’re training as a family. Looks like we’ll all have hot bods come October!

Speaking of hot bods…

Tuesdays I double up on training, and yesterday I decided to do my 4-mile tempo run in the morning instead of during my lunch break. I thought a 6 a.m. run would be cooler and more bearable.

D.C. humidity rolled in overnight and sat heavy over the city. Running yesterday morning was like running inside of a wet sponge. My skin was covered with sweat before I even hit one mile, and because there was no wind, it didn’t evaporate and I started overheating. Looks like I need to get used to this—I’m training all summer!

About halfway through my run, I found myself downtown on Constitution Avenue looking at a pond I had never seen before. Check it out:

Here's the beautiful pond at Constitution Gardens. What a peaceful morning!

Here’s the beautiful pond at Constitution Gardens. What a peaceful morning!

After a little research, I learned that the pond was part of Constitution Gardens. Now, I’ve been in D.C. for almost nine years, and seriously, I love all these new things I’m finding on my runs.

A little history on the gardens: They were originally beneath the Potomac River, but a dredging project in the late 19th century actually created the park it is today. The Gardens were dedicated in May 1976 as an American Revolution Bicentennial tribute, and on July 2, 1984, the memorial to the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence was dedicated on the small island in the lake. Pretty neat, right?

I explored a bit and visited the memorial. There were lots of red-winged blackbirds darting among the bushes and several varieties of waterfowl peacefully paddling around. I would have loved to spend more time there!

So, what did I learn on this run? Two things: Constitution Gardens exists and running in the humidity is grueling. Here’s to a challenging training season!


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