Love My Morning Runs!

I’m finally into a routine with my training schedule. Long runs on Saturday, a.m. runs on Tuesday and Thursday, and barre classes twice a week. I feel strong and I feel really good. I feel my best, though, when I’m running in the early morning like I was today.

D.C. is a different city before the sun fully rises. It’s incredibly peaceful. The angry commuters, disoriented tourists, and year-round city dwellers are still asleep. The National Mall is stunning in the early morning light; the monuments take on a peachy-yellow glow as the sunrise climbs over the horizon.

Today’s run took me back to Constitution Gardens and over to the Vietnam War Memorial. It’s rare to see this memorial without people searching for the names of relatives lost.

The Vietnam War Memorial in early sunlight.

The Vietnam War Memorial in early sunlight.

On your way to the memorial (depending on which direction you’re coming from), you’ll walk down a path with several bronze statues situated in the shade under some trees. I had never come from the direction I did today, so seeing these for the first time was new and exciting! Here’s my favorite. These three men are looking toward the memorial and from their vantage point, it’s an incredible view (unfortunately, one I did not capture).

Vietnam Memorial Statue

After exploring, I decided to take a different route home…but ended up taking an unintentional detour a mile out of the way! Ooops! My 4 mile run ended up being around 5.5 miles. Not that it’s a terribly long distance, but I wasn’t prepared for it. As you might imagine, it was a bit chaotic getting to work on time, but I made it there — EARLY! GO ME!

Looks like someone needs to set her alarm clock 30 minutes earlier…


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