Healthy Recipe Sharing

In addition to being a fitness fanatic, I also love being in the kitchen. Marathon training is allowing me to seek out new high-protein and high-carb recipes. It’s been fun experimenting!

Lucky for me (sort of) that training is during the summer. The seasonal produce is simply luscious! Don’t get me wrong, I can devour a bowl of pasta with meat sauce, but it doesn’t feel “right” eating that when it’s 95 degrees.

The main person I collaborate with on recipes is my friend, Tana. Also a cooking enthusiast and food blog finder, we trade recipes weekly. Recently, she shared a healthy and easy pasta dish from food blog Bake Your Day. Although not high in protein, it satisfies my craving for pasta and has all my favorite things: garlic, Brussel sprouts, pine nuts, and cheese. The key to this dish? The dried thyme! Check out the recipe here. (For those who are gluten-free, rice pasta is an excellent alternative.)

Along with pasta, I’m a quinoa lover. I don’t typically mix quinoa with fruit, but I learned yesterday that it’s a great idea! My new favorite salad, which was a hit at a friend’s BBQ this weekend, is a mixture of quinoa, berries, and almonds. Inspiration came from food blog Oh She Glows. The key to this dish? Seasoning the dressing properly. Isn’t this gorgeous?

Heirloom variety quinoa, fresh blueberries and strawberries, and a refreshing dressing is all you need for this dish!

Heirloom variety quinoa, fresh berries, almonds, and a light dressing is all you need for this dish.

I’m going to make this again today, and will add some raspberries and tweak the dressing. (I’ll let you know how it turns out.) I’m a fan of this recipe: it’s high in protein and I don’t feel bad going back for seconds.  For those with dietary restrictions, it’s also gluten-free and vegan.

Stay tuned for more healthy recipes!


2 thoughts on “Healthy Recipe Sharing

    • Hi cloudthyme! Thanks for your comment. The best part about this dish (besides that it’s super easy) is that you can determine how sweet you want it. I used agave nectar instead of maple syrup and added a bit more balsamic to cut the sweetness. I hope you enjoy it!

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