Meh. Tuesday Morning.

This morning’s run was difficult.

I wasn’t on my “A” game. I was tired. I was hot. I was not 100% committed.

When my alarm went off at 5 a.m., I hit snooze. Just a few more minutes

After dragging myself out of bed, feeding Matty Boy, and eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich, I laced up and moped outside. I felt kind of blah and the smack of humidity to my face tempted me to return to bed. But alas! I did not.

Chrissy 1 Humidity 0

Today was a 4-mile tempo run, though I wouldn’t classify my efforts as tempo. I took it easy and let my mind wander. I ran to the National Mall and snapped a pretty picture of the Capitol, one of my favorite buildings in the city.

D.C. Sunrise

D.C. Sunrise

I also saw that the Smithsonian Folklife Festival is in full swing. This year, the festival is highlighting two places: Kenya and China. The festival is a great time if you can get over the crowds. You can try different ethnic foods, learn about the cultures of different countries, and see live performances. I snapped this picture of what appears to be a Chinese gate:

Chinese Gate: 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Chinese Gate: 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival

As you can see, I welcomed the distraction. 🙂

At this point, I had already run about 3 miles and was out of water. I learned my lesson from Saturday’s run: carry more water. Since my belt only carries 8 ounces, I downloaded the TapIt app. The app gives locations of D.C. area businesses that provide free water refills if you have a reusable water bottle. Apparently, 400+ area businesses are part of this program. One thing is for sure: this app definitely came in handy today!

As today is a double-up day, I’m going to barre after work. I hope it will give me the attitude adjustment I’m looking for.

By the way, tonight I’m trying two new recipes: vegan chocolate peanut protein balls and a fresh tomato and ricotta pasta dish. Stay tuned for the recipes. Hopefully I’m feeling more positive by then!


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