9 Miles and Sunday Dinner = Defeated

This weekend’s long run was a challenge, but not because of the distance. Similar to last weekend’s run, the sun was very strong Saturday morning, even at 8 a.m. Looks like I need to hit the pavement around 7 a.m. or earlier if I’m going to get through an entire summer of marathon training!

My course was familiar. I picked up Mt. Vernon Trail after crossing the Key Bridge and ran for a straight 9 miles. Some of you may know how much I hate out-and-backs or loops, so I tend to map one-way runs that will end near a Metro or a friend’s car for a ride home. Saturday’s run dumped me off in Old Town Alexandria (Virginia), a few blocks from a gas station where I bought the biggest bottle of Gatorade I could find. From there, I was about a 12-mintue walk from the Metro. This gave me time to cool down, stretch out, and rehydrate.

How about a high-five for my superb planning skills?

The first third of the course was rather flat, but the final two-thirds undulated and there were two steep, but short, climbs. It was definitely a test on my quads (and I’m feeling it today). Even with a challenging course, my minute/mile stayed consistent, which I’m very pleased about.

After a killer run, I spent about 30 minutes icing both knees and hip flexors. It’s starting to become my favorite part of training actually. Well, that…and the chocolate milk and foam rolling. hehe

Work hard, play hard, right?

Last night I played hard at the Toad and Wet Sprocket and Counting Crows concert at Wolf Trap in Virginia. What a show! I can’t believe how fantastic both bands sounded, but then again, the Filene Center at Wolf Trap has incredible acoustics. I should note that the Counting Crows’ playlist was killer: Sullivan Street, Untitled Love Song, Colorblind, Omaha, Long December, Rain King, Holiday in Spain. My god, the 90s were calling last night!

Although a long night, I still dragged myself out of bed this morning for barre class. I knew I’d feel more energized and that my leg muscles would feel less stiff. It was worth not sleeping in.

Now that it’s Sunday night, I reset for the week when it comes to my diet. Eating not-so-healthy during the weekend is okay in moderation, especially during a holiday weekend (yum. burgers.)!

Tonight I made baked turkey meatballs with the pasta dish I tried last week. I need to add more protein into my meals as my long runs become even longer (just carb loading is no good). I make some damn good meatballs and work off Giada’s mini turkey meatball recipe, though I make modifications because I hardly ever follow a recipe to the tee. Here’s how it turned out:

Pasta, spinach, tomatoes…oh my!

I love one-pot dinners!

I love one-pot dinners! Doesn’t this look deelish?!

Here’s the baked turkey meatballs!

Don't mind the bland color -- they're super yummy and NOT dry!

Don’t mind the bland color — they’re super yummy and NOT dry!

It all comes together with a little ricotta.

Dom't forget the dollop of ricotta! It's the best part.

Don’t forget the dollop of ricotta! It’s the best part.

I added red pepper flakes to the spinach and tomato mixture — perfect amount of heat. Adding meatballs prevented me from loading up on pasta. I’m very pleased with this meal!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to enjoy a little dessert before bed. Bonne nuit!


One thought on “9 Miles and Sunday Dinner = Defeated

  1. Keep up the fight Chrissy- we’ve had some ups and downs here, too. Dave is back in the hospital at UPENN . It was a surprise – lots of tests right now… But Dave will be starting his own inpatient training tomorrow- going to PT to work on getting some strength back. We just read your blog together – we all need to work on strength training 🙂

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