No Pain, No Gain?

I did it. 12 miles!

Almost halfway there!

Almost halfway there!

I hit 12 miles this Saturday. One thought that kept returning to my mind was something my friend Jean mentioned to me when I was still considering running a marathon. She said to me, “Chrissy, you’re going to be shocked when you see how quickly you get to half-marathon mileage. Training for a half took us 3 months. You’ll hit that mileage mark in like 8 weeks.”

She was right. I can’t believe that when I was training for my half-marathons that it would take 3-4 months to reach 10 miles! I basically run 10 miles in my sleep now.

Although I hit the 12-mile mark this week, I also suffered an injury. It’s hard to identify what the particular injury is, mostly because I’ve never had this pain before. I usually get tendonitis in my left hip flexor, but luckily, I’ve avoided that so far in my training. What I’m dealing with now is a bizarre pain in my left calf (to the right of my shin or the inside part of my calf). I can’t determine if it’s a shin splint because I’ve never had one. The pain isn’t in my shin, but it’s near it. I can walk on it, but it takes a good dozen steps before I can walk normally without pain. I’ve been icing it which seems to help; Advil does not seem to help. At rest, I’m in no pain. I’m not really sure how to treat this…

I ran my miles this weekend on the Capital Crescent Trail. It runs from D.C. into Montgomery County, Maryland. I’d never run this trail before, but I heard it was not crowded (if you get out there early enough) and that it’s mostly shaded and paved. Here are a few pictures from my excursion.

Trail Entrance

Beyond this creepy, ivy-covered archway is the trailhead.

Beyond this semi-creepy, ivy-covered archway is the trailhead.

The Trailhead

Here's the trailhead to the Capital Crescent Trail. It's a part of C&O Canal National Park.

Here’s the trailhead. It’s part of C&O Canal National Park.

Bridge Crossing

This bridge is about 3-3.5 miles in from the trailhead.

This bridge is about 3-3.5 miles in from the trailhead.

Hidden Mansion across the Potomac River

How the "other side" lives.

How the “other side” lives. The mansion is on the Virginia side of the river.

Pretty much my view for the entire 12-mile out-and-back.

Peaceful, but lonely conditions.

Peaceful, but lonely conditions.

My calf started acting up about mile 4, so it was a rather uncomfortable run. Funny enough, it hurt more when I stopped running and had to start back up again. Temperatures were mild and the conditions comfortable. It was mostly cloudy, a welcome change from the direct summer sun I’ve been training under.

I planned this run well. At mile 10, there was a boathouse, Fletcher’s Cove, that had a water fountain so I could refill my fuel belt. Hydration wasn’t an issue this week. Woo Hoo!

Speaking of hydration. Remember the post about my friend Vicki? She was working on a project, 30 Things before 30. She mailed me a letter saying that a gift to help me with my training was on the way, and I received it on Friday. Know what it was? THIS!!!

Me and my new CamelBak Marathoner!

My new CamelBak Marathoner!

This baby holds 70 ounces of liquid!

This baby holds 70 ounces of liquid!

I can’t wait to take this with me on my super long runs (more than 14 miles). There are lots of pockets to stash my protein bars and GU energy gels too. I love it!!!

Before I start on those majorly long runs, I need to heal my calf first. Looks like I’m taking it easy with barre and relevés this week. I’m dialing back to two classes instead of four. I’m also going to take it easy with running. Although I get relief when I actually use my leg, I’m scared to overdo it and really hurt myself.

You know, not running this marathon is NOT an option for me.

If you have any tips to help with my injury, please share! I’m so frustrated. Blargh!!


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