It’s Official: I’m Frustrated!

Since my calf injury, I’ve tried to remain positive, but I’m just downright frustrated. For those who know me, you know that I’m very active and love my fitness routine. Listening to my body, the advice everyone is giving me, is excruciatingly difficult for me. I’m an all-or-nothing type of gal, and this “take it easy” fitness regime I’ve had this week is killing me…and I’m only 4 days into it. It’s testing my patience.

Although I haven’t run since Saturday, I have been walking and went to barre 3 class on Tuesday. I had zero pain and it was lovely! I didn’t do Power Leg on my tiptoes (See! I listened to my body!), but all the other poses and exercises I did with little or no modifications and did not have pain. After class, however, the walk up the hill to the bus stop was a bit uncomfortable, but it seems that if I keep moving, the discomfort is much less.

This has been my view every night since Saturday. Twenty minutes on each side. Check out the fancy dish towel and fresh pedi! No gnarly runners’ feet for me…yet.

First we ice the calf…

First we ice the back of the leg...

Ice, ice, baby.

Then we ice the shin and everything else…

Only another 20 minutes...

Only another 20 minutes…

I’ve taken this “downtime” to reflect on the human body and what it’s capable of. I think deep down I thought I could train for this marathon without getting injured. But, when you train for endurance races, you’re pushing your body’s limits. When we do that, I think an injury — whether minor or major — is inevitable. Is training injury-free truly possible?

I remember getting home from Saturday’s run and crying out of fear, frustration, and doubt. Was I even capable of running 26.2 miles? How far back was this injury going to push me? How many miles was I going to lose? How was I going to maintain my cardio and endurance if I couldn’t run?

After my mini-breakdown, I realized that not only could I complete a marathon, but that I could also get over this minor setback. This was a battle between the mind and the body. Like coaches and fitness instructors have said in the past, your mind will always give out before your body. I believe that now.

To prove it to myself, I submitted my re-commitment paperwork to TNT today. I’ve officially gained entry into the Marine Corps Marathon! Shit. Just. Got. Real.

So what’s next? I’ve already scheduled a sports massage, made a call to my sports medicine doctor, and am in the process of contacting my TNT coaches for advice. I’ve got a bad ass support group scattered across the country, and I know they’re cheering for me through the highs and lows. I can’t let them or myself down, and I certainly can’t let my cousin David down.

It’s time to reset. I got this.


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