Catching Up

It felt weird not getting up at 5:00 a.m. today. I’ve been doing it for several weeks, attempting to beat the summer heat for my long runs. I did manage to sleep until 7:30 a.m. though, and I kind of liked it.

I don’t have many updates on my calf injury, other than it’s feeling better since my sports massage on Thursday. I went to Alexandria Massage Therapy and my massage therapist, Rich, did a fantastic job. If my budget allows, I’m going to add sports massages into my training schedule. Among those who have suggested I do that is my friend Sarah. I trust her — she’s an ultra marathoner and just ran her first 50-mile race a week ago. Talk about inspiring! She’s my go-to person for all things running-related.

Because I was feeling so good yesterday, I went to a barre 3 class. I felt great while exercising, but was sore and a little uncomfortable for the rest of the evening. I popped a few Advil and iced; this morning I felt much better. I’m going to take it easy this week (no running) and hope that I can join my team next Saturday for a 12-miler.

While futzing around the house this morning, I found a t-shirt that I forgot I bought a few weeks ago.

In anticipation of completing my first marathon this October, I bought this...on sale.

In anticipation of completing my first marathon this October…

I’m wearing my 13.1 t-shirt today. Sometimes I can’t believe I’ve run two half marathons. I still can’t believe that in 3 months, I’ll be running twice that distance. I’m putting this shirt on after crossing the finish line!

I spent some time today catching up on thank you cards and blank greeting card sets for those who donated $100 or more. The cards look like this:

Each donor gets one of each and a set of four blank envelopes.

Each donor gets one of each and a set of four blank envelopes.

These were fun to make. I love using embossing powder! <nerd alert>

Each of these cards was dusted with some and then I used a heat tool to set it. The stamped image is now sparkly and has a raised texture. I made five sets today and have to get more supplies to finish off the other five sets I still need to make. I hope my donors like them!

Now that I’m done crafting for the day, it’s time for my daily dose of Vitamin D. See you on the flip!


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