New Doctor, New Attitude

I had an appointment today with a new doctor, a type of doctor I never thought I’d go to. Ever. A chiropractor.

It’s not that I dislike chiropractors, I just get weirded out by the snapping and cracking they do to the body. It just seems so unnatural.

Since my sports medicine doctor doesn’t think my injury is sexy enough, I tried a Team in Training-recommended practice nearby my office. The accolades from my coaches about the doctors there were rather convincing…and now I understand why.

What did I learn from the doctor today?

  • My hips are uneven, making one leg (my left) 1/4 inch longer than the other. (Got that fixed.)
  • I might be dealing with a minor shin splint. (No!)
  • The “meat” of my calf not damaged. (YAY!)
  • I need to listen to my body. Apparently, running 12 miles in pain is a no-no. (I’m skilled at ignoring pain.)
  • I need to incorporate more cross-training. (Good thing I got my bike fixed this weekend.)
  • Physical therapy (PT for short), including deep tissue massage, electro therapy, and icing should do the trick. (By the way, deep tissue massage hurts like hell!)
  • During training, I will likely have to continue PT, but not as often. (For now, I’ve been prescribed 3x/week for 2-4 weeks.)
  • I might be able to start running again this Saturday! We’ll see what happens at Thursday’s appointment. (Fingers crossed!)

I knew my injury was nothing serious, but did not anticipate regular PT sessions. Thankfully the office location is convenient and staff are super friendly. Today, as a matter of fact, I’ve been in the least amount of discomfort since this whole debacle happened. Looks like I’m on the road to recovery!


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