Back at It…Sort of.

After taking nearly two weeks off from doing any real exercising, I decided to start barre 3 again. Thankfully, I have two great girlfriends who have been more encouraging and understanding than I ever expected. I’m a lucky gal.

On Thursday, we all went to barre 3 Georgetown’s first waterfront class. Stacy, Tana, and I weren’t sure what to expect. No ballet barre? How will we do push-pulls? Also, I’ve never done yoga or another type of exercise other than running in public, so I wasn’t sure how dopey or bashful I’d feel.

Here we are before the start of class:

That's the Potomac River behind us. The office buildings are in Rosslyn, Virginia, where we all work together.

That’s the Potomac River behind us. The office buildings are in Rosslyn, Virginia, where we all work together.

I was pleasantly surprised by the class. It was a lovely change from working out at the studio, though the black flies did have a field day on my legs. Note to self: next time bring bug spray.

I’d seen my physical therapist earlier that afternoon so I was a little beat up for class! I think I held my own though. He gave me the green light to run/walk 3 miles on Friday. Obviously, not having run for 13 days, I was excited to hear this.

Yesterday, I hesitantly went for a run after work. I was nervous about hurting myself or making my injury worse…

I walked about 5-10 minutes to warm up, and then lightly jogged. My leg felt tight and a little rusty, but not exactly painful. After the first mile, I felt rather good, though a new pain on the outside of my left knee intensified a bit (I had noticed it earlier that morning). I completed 2 miles of running and felt strong and positive the entire time. It felt good to get the legs moving again. I cooled down and walked for about half a mile before coming home to ice and pop some Advil — the pain was quite uncomfortable in my outer knee.

This new pain not only frustrates me (I sit here this morning on the verge of crying), but also makes me question if the physical therapy is causing new problems. One pain subsides while another begins. I don’t get it. I have an appointment this morning and I’m going to talk to my therapist and suggest that perhaps 3 times a week is too much for me or that my treatment should either change or stop altogether. Old pain is one thing; new pain is not okay.

Lately, as many of you can probably tell, I’ve been up and down emotionally. It becomes exhausting after awhile. I had a great talk with my former boss about this yesterday, actually. He’s run several marathons, including New York City. I told him how upset I was getting about my mileage, how scared I was that I wouldn’t reach the appropriate mileage before my race. He pointed to my training schedule and said, “That’s the problem.” Basically, (and he’s right) I’m holding myself accountable to a piece of paper that details what I’m supposed to be doing every day.

A piece of paper is running my life.

I’ve decided to alter my training schedule this weekend to see if that makes a difference for me mentally. I’m learning a lot about myself through this process, and one thing I need to improve on is adapting. It starts today.


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