1 of 9 5Ks Completed!

You may remember that shortly after I made the commitment to run the Marine Corps Marathon, that my brother and mom also pledged to run the equivalent in 5Ks to help raise awareness and donations for LLS / TNT. Last Saturday, August 2, they completed their first of nine. Way to go guys!

Conditions were not what they expected: torrential downpour, my brother had an undiagnosed case of a respiratory infection (diagnosed after the race), and my mom had never run in the rain before. Obviously, odds were against them, but they both finished and without injury. Mom nicknamed the race the Neptune City Day Slip ‘n Slide 5K (how appropriate)!

My nephew, Ezra, made race day signs and my brother’s friends also came out to cheer. Congrats you two! Keep it going!

Check out those signs!

Here are family and friends after the race. Fantastic sign, right?

Here are family and friends after the race. Fantastic signs, right?

That’s my brother crossing the finish line!

Go Michael Go!

Go Michael Go!


One thought on “1 of 9 5Ks Completed!

  1. Great to see all this support from your awesome family. I finally had time to catch up on the blog, and loved seeing my cameo in an earlier post. Injury comes with the territory – but you got this!

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