The Bearer of Good News

It’s been awhile since my last post and I have a lot to tell.

My cousin David entered the hospital again. Although he’s improving, it’s tough to see him seesaw. The type of leukemia he has — acute promyeloid leukemia — is treated with chemotherapy and arsenic trioxide. David receives his treatments through a port located in his skull. This allows the chemo to directly enter the brain and spinal fluids. His latest trip to the hospital was thought to be the result of an infection at the port site.

Here’s the good news: tests determined no infection. His confusion and weakness is improving (though the reason for it is still uncertain), and he’s doing well in physical therapy. His current round of arsenic treatments end on August 23. By then, the doctors hope to have some answers.

Whether or not you know someone battling leukemia or another type of illness, it’s important to support the organizations raising money to fund research for a cure. This doesn’t always mean making a donation. Spreading the word about the achievements an organization accomplishes is just as important as dollars and cents. David reminds me why I’m training: to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and its mission to find a cure for blood cancer.

David keeps me motivated. It’s been several weeks since my last run and I’m excellent at beating myself up. I’m very hard on myself and these past few weeks have been challenging. I’ve created so much pressure for myself.

I can’t run this marathon.
I can’t let myself down.
I can’t disappoint my friends, family, and supporters.

I’ve been focusing on “can’t” rather than “can.” Last week I decided to focus on the positive, the “can do” instead of the “can’t do.”

I can rebound from this.
I can finish the marathon.
I can make my friends and family proud.

With that said, I’ve made progress at physical therapy. The new doctor I’m seeing specializes in sports medicine and chiropractics, and he’s worked his magic on me! Through some simple tests (like a gait test), he determined that my hips are uneven, which causes my stride to be slightly “off”. He now makes adjustments about every visit.

The pain in my calf is gone, but I’ve got some discomfort in my IT band, which we’ve started to treat with two foam roller exercises. I also have a bit of hip flexor tendonitis, which I’m treating by basically lying on top of the handle of a kettle bell. All of these “exercises” hurt, but they’re making a difference. I’m also wearing kinseo tape. It’s a tape that was invented by Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kase in the 1970s. I have a long strip running down my left IT band, on the outside of my left knee, and part way down the side of my left leg.  (Thankfully, it’s a nude color rather than hot pink or neon green!)

The hotness known as kinseo tape.

The hotness known as kinseo tape.

Some think it’s hype, some think it works. It’s a similar argument to that of compression sleeves. My determination is that both work and I’m a fan!

More good news: I’ve been cleared to start running again this Saturday! Although I have to cut my distance from 12 miles to 4 miles, I’m happy to be out on the pavement again. Here’s hoping for no pain and a lovely morning run.

Thanks to you, my readers, for your continued support. You make me feel so fancy!


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