4 Mile Redemption Run

Let's do this!

Let’s do this!

I was cleared for a “test run” by my chiropractor this week. Four miles was the goal, and although a bit frustrating since my last run was 12 miles, I was thrilled to actually have the option.

What can I say? I went out there and ran 4 miles. Hard. I tested my body and was able to push harder and pull back when needed. I started off hesitant, nervous that I would be in pain. Was I? No! A bit stiff, but once I relaxed and focused on my form, I was totally locked in. I actually felt stronger than I had in months!

Although my cardio strength has weakened a bit, overall I felt confident. At one point I remember smiling and thinking to myself, I’m back. What a great feeling — a burst of positivity!

Twenty-four hours later, I’m slightly sore, but that’s to be expected. The lower outside part of my left leg feels a bit strained/overworked, but I’m seeing my chiropractor again this week. Maybe more kinseo tape? Maybe an ankle adjustment? I definitely need to do some more foam rolling and icing tonight. What a difference that makes.

So, kind of a funny story…

As I was running the last half of my 4 miles yesterday, I had to stop for a traffic light. A guy behind me, maybe a few years older than me, stopped too. He also was running. He gave me “the eye,” but not in a jerky way. It was almost like, Girl, prepare to get smoked.

I’m competitive (bet you didn’t know that – haha), and when he took off before the light changed, I knew I had to catch up. I gained speed quickly, keeping my knees high, abs tight, and hips forward. I made sure that I could feel my entire foot touch and then propel off the pavement. I was in the zone.

I passed him and kept going. After a few more blocks, I realized that he was trying to catch me. Well, that wasn’t going to happen — and it didn’t. We split ways; I ran through Rose Park and he kept running down M Street. It was almost a movie moment. We glanced over our shoulder and gave a head nod, almost as if saying, It was a pleasure racing you.

Holding my own during my first run in four weeks really boosted my confidence. I can’t wait to ramp up the miles and increase my cardio strength. The marathon is a little more than two months away, so I’ve got to train smart.

Here’s go nothing!!


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