Patience and Perseverance Pays Off!

Pain. Frustration. During my run, it’s all I could focus on. Why am I doing this? My mind wandered and I became fascinated with the foliage. The cormorants perched in a dead tree. The cicada spinning on its back in the middle of the trail, likely to be stepped on or ridden over.

I replayed this moment in my mind as I rode my bike to Fletcher’s Boathouse this morning. Today’s run was the first “long” run since my injury. The team was running Capital Crescent Trail today — the same trail that I injured myself on. The same trail that kept me from training for 4 weeks. I was nervous and doubtful the entire ride, but remembered how much my coaches, especially Coach Jack, encouraged me to come out today. He said, “The human body has evolved for millions of years to run, and that means any rust is going to shake off after 20 or 30 minutes and you’re going to feel good.  You’ll see.”

He was right.

Today I ran 8 miles with the team without music. That’s a big first for me! Chatting was actually a nice change from the isolation I usually subject myself to. Running along with crappy pop music is fun, but not all the time, especially on those longer runs. I chatted with Coach Jack today for about 4 miles, and then with Coach Rich for about 1.5 miles. I think I may have found a pacing buddy too, and we chatted for the remainder of the run.

Another bonus: I received my Team in Training t-shirt today. Now I really feel like part of the team!

Go Team!

Go Team!

So you’re probably wondering, how’s the leg? During the run, I felt a nagging pinch on the outside of my left knee, but not painful enough to make me stop or slow down. After the run, I started to feel a bit of tightness down the outside of my left leg. My doctor has been treating me for this, so it’s really no surprise. Again, this is nothing like the pain I previously had 4 weeks ago. After foam rolling and an ice bath, I’m feeling pretty damn good and very motivated.

I’m looking forward to building up the miles again and kicking this marathon’s ass! GO TEAM!


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