10 Miles is Now A “Down Week”

I enjoyed a “down week” today — only 10 miles. I can’t believe I put the word “only” in front of certain mileages now. I guess the day would come when 10 or 12 miles would feel like a break.

I enjoyed a beautiful run this morning through Stanley Park in Vancouver, B.C. A cloudless sky, bright sunshine, and cool temperatures. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect!

The trail I followed hugged the English Bay, and I saw several large Great blue herons along the way. The seaplanes were floating overhead, and the mountains reached for the sky. Incredibly picturesque.

A view of the harbor, busy with freight ships.

A view of the English Bay, busy with barges; Great blue heron on the lookout in the foreground.

Floating barges in the harbor.

Floating barges in the bay.

After a slightly uncomfortable run (painful calf and ankles), I needed some comic relief. Enter the giants! “A-maze-ing Laughter,”  a sculpture located in tiny Morton Park across from the English Bay, is one of the happiest places I’ve been! These bronze, laughing giants were designed in the likeness of its Chinese artist, Yue Minjun.

Are you copying me?

Are you copying me?


He's laughing so hard his stomach hurts. Maybe a hug will help!

He’s laughing so hard his stomach hurts!


You're hilarious! Tell me more!

You’re hilarious! Tell me more!

Tonight is my last night in Vancouver, and I’m venturing out to find some yummy Pakistani cuisine. I deserve it after today’s run!

Next stops: Whistler and Victoria Island. Stay tuned for cross-training updates from the Capilano Suspension Bridge!


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