Different Coasts but Still Connected

Often times we use the word “weird” to describe someone’s outfit or personality. Today, I’m using it to describe an interaction I had with my cousin Lori this morning.

As you know, I’m vacationing in British Columbia, a long way from home. My cell phone is in airplane mode, so I can only communicate over wi-fi (when I can find it). During my trip, I’ve been thinking of creative ways to raise money to reach my new fundraising goal. I decided to tap into my barre3 studio back home to see if they would help. Turns out that they would love to! I’m trying to nail down a date for a donation-based class, and am over-the-moon excited.

Flash forward an hour since receiving this confirmation, and I get a text from my cousin Lori asking if my ears had been ringing. She was emailing with Analisa Defiesta from the LLS National Office, and telling her about my hard work and Do It For David campaign. Analisa was thrilled to hear this! Lori was also explaining to her that she couldn’t commit to Light the Night in Princeton this year, a fundraiser and awareness walk for LLS. She’s not sure what David’s condition will be at the time. Then Lori followed up with the greatest news: David took his first steps on Thursday! It’s a sign he’s getting stronger! Also, his sense of humor is still intact. He shared some jokes with me through Lori about hospital food. If you’ve ever had hospital food, you know where this is going…

After hearing the news, I couldn’t help but think that my efforts are making a difference. Between the training and fundraising, I’m not always certain. Sometimes I feel as if my efforts are disappearing into a black hole because there is no immediate result. I have to remind myself that there won’t be an immediate result.

It takes time to treat blood cancer patients. It takes time to find better treatments. It takes time to find cures.

This morning’s “weird” interaction served as confirmation for me. Let’s continue fighting blood cancer one mile at a time.


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