Conquering Milestones in New Jersey

I flew back to the East Coast on Saturday and stayed the night with my family before driving back to D.C. During my 24 hours in New Jersey, I managed to squeeze in a 12-mile run on the boardwalk. It was a lovely morning to hit the boards!

7 a.m. New Jersey sunrise!

7 a.m. New Jersey sunrise!

After a challenging 12 miler, I took a dip in the ocean to help relieve the tightness in my ankles and calves. A bit chilly, but so refreshing!

Looking down at my legs in the waves...

Looking down at my legs in the waves…

Now, completing a 12-miler is nothing compared to the update I received from my cousin Lori about David! We spoke on Tuesday, and David is making excellent progress with his physical therapist. He’s walked 50 feet twice (!) and was attempting to walk up and down four stairs — he last walked up and down two. According to Lori, he’s basically doubling his progress every day! His new goal is to walk up the steps of his house when he returns home.

Can we please all send him virtual high-fives?! GO DAVID!!!!

This news brings everything full circle for me. Sure, I’ve got nagging injuries and sometimes I tell myself that I can’t do this. I’ve put my social life on hold to train, and yes, I’m scared as hell for my 20-miler this weekend. But I’ve also put so much effort into fundraising my tail off and raising awareness of LLS for this: to see progress in blood cancer patients. To see David’s improvement reaffirms why I’m doing this; I know my efforts are helping so many others too. I’m so proud of my cousin and his strength and determination. My family isn’t made up of a bunch of quitters, and I’ll be damned if I’m the first.

26.2 OR BUST FOLKS! Marine Corps Marathon is only 25 days away!



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