24 Hours Later…

Surprisingly, I don’t feel like total hell 24 hours after my first 20-miler. Sure, going up and down stairs sucks, and so does sitting down and getting back up. To help with the soreness, I went to barre 3 class this morning. It certainly helped loosen me up! I’ve found that going to barre class on Friday and Sunday really helps with my prep and recovery for Saturday long runs.

Now my quads are screaming at me to stay still, so after I’m done with Sunday chores I’ll give them a break. (This laundry won’t fold itself, you know.)

What am I doing to ease the pain? A few things.

  1. Staying hydrated and taking in electrolytes. I’m loving the pink lemonade-flavored nuun tabs. They give your regular tap water flavor and electrolytes without the added sugar from sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade.
  2. Foam rolling and using The Stick. Perhaps I’m a glutton for punishment, because I’ve been rolling myself out all morning. Between my three foam rollers — the Rumble Roller is most closely related to a torture device — and The Stick, my muscles temporarily hate me. Relief is near!
  3. Ice. Ice. And more ice.
  4. I’m wearing compression tights and trying to keep my legs elevated as much as possible. Thankfully, these tights can actually pass for clothing, so I’ll spend the day in them and my most favorite Roots sweatshirt.
  5. I’m taking anti-inflammatories, but only when necessary. I don’t like to take them often, but they help.

Now that my last long run is complete, I’m tapering until race day. My mileage for the next three Saturdays are 10 miles, 6 miles, and 2 miles. I’m so excited for race day!

26.2 OR BUST!


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