SEVEN of NINE 5Ks Complete!

On Saturday, October 4, my brother Michael completed his seventh of nine 5Ks! He participated in the first annual Shillelagh 5K in South Belmar, New Jersey. The proceeds benefited the Shillelagh Charitable Foundation to support its Thanksgiving food drive, college scholarship fund, Christmas toy drive; and help local individuals and families in need.

Many of you know that we’ve dubbed this 5K race series the “Do It For David Family 5K Challenge.” The main goal is to raise awareness of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in honor of our cousin David who is battling blood cancer. During this challenge, Michael has had several running “teammates,” two of which that have been at every race. He calls them the Edwards Kids, and you’ve seen them in pictures.

Michael and I chatted recently about how beneficial it is to have running partners. Sure, running alone can be very therapeutic, but sometimes you just really need a buddy (for me, it’s my TNT teammate Michael). Do you prefer running / exercising alone or in a group?

Way to go Michael! Keep running!

Go Michael! Go!

Go Michael! Go!


Keep doing it for David!

Keep doing it for David!


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