Health and Fitness Challenge Updates

Shame on me…

I can’t believe my last post was January 8. Between the month-long health and fitness challenge I committed to and an unusually busy social schedule, time got away from me. I owe you some updates.

Barre 3 Health and Fitness Challenge
This was super fun for me! Although it proved difficult the last week of the challenge to fit in studio workouts, I made up for it by running and taking yoga classes. I didn’t lose any weight or inches, but I felt better eating a mostly whole-foods diet. I tried lots of new recipes and found an excellent one for the winter sniffles and sore throat. A simple three-ingredient concoction, it actually works!

Winter Sniffles and Sore Throat “Tea”
1 organic lemon
1 organic ginger root (about the same size as the lemon)
1 cup organic honey

1. Thinly slice the lemon. Peel the ginger root and thinly slice. Add to a seal-able glass container or Mason jar.
2. Add the honey and stir.
3. Let refrigerate overnight.
4. Stir mixture and add 1 TB of the liquid part to a hot cup of water and stir. (I also like to add a few slices of the lemon.)
5. Sip and enjoy! Mixture stays good for 2 weeks.

NOTE: This is an excellent beverage to take on the road too. I take public transportation to work, so I whip up a travel mug of this stuff in the morning. It’s super comforting sipping in the cold at the bus stop!

Running and Training Updates
I’m still running short distances regularly. I usually run Tuesday and Thursday on my lunch break, and fit in a longer run on the weekend. My ankle still isn’t 100%, so I’m doing exercises to strengthen it and not pushing myself as hard as I would if I were healthy.

This run was brutal! Flurries, 15 mpg winds, and frigid temperatures. But you know what? No pain, no gain.

This run was brutal! Flurries, 15 mpg winds, and frigid temperatures. But you know what? No pain, no gain. (Yup, that’s the Lincoln Memorial behind me.)

I signed up for a half-marathon in May, so I’ll start training seriously for that in the next two weeks. I’m also going to run a mud and obstacle course race in June. Oh, and I’m officially signed up to run the Marine Corps Marathon again! I can’t wait to train with Team in Training again!!

Back to Boxing
I get bored with the same ol’ fitness routines, so I re-joined my old boxing gym. My trainers are kicking my ass, but I love it. By May, I’ll be where I want to be weight-wise. I’m getting stronger too, so that will help with my running this year. You need full-body fitness. Don’t forget that.

Guatemala Yoga Retreat
I saved the best for last! On Sunday, I leave for a week-long yoga retreat in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. My favorite yoga teacher, who I’ve been following around D.C. for years, is leading the retreat. It’s a nice, small group so we’ll get lots of individual attention. The retreat is at Mystical Yoga Farm. The farm sits on a gigantic lake, which is actually a collapsed volcano. I can’t wait to disconnect and concentrate on just me for a few days. I’m eager to share pictures with you upon my return!

I hope you’re all staying active and healthy. I know the winters can zap the energy out of you, but it’s important to keep moving. Exercise improves your mood, makes your body happy, and keeps you healthy. Don’t let Old Man Winter get the best of you!