Lace Up and Get Those Miles In!

It’s taken a few weeks, but I can finally say (with confidence!) that I’m back on my A Game! To quote my boxing instructor Ivan, I’m keepin’ it hot.

No ankle pain, no knee pain, no hip pain. I’ve finally found a way to manage it all: routine chiropractor visits, yoga, and strength training. I’m feeling super pumped now that training for the Marine Corps Historic Half is in full force. I’m also excitedly working with my brother, Michael, to develop some great fundraising ideas for the 2015 Do It For David campaign, so stay tuned for that. When you find what motivates you, the training and fundraising doesn’t seem like work anymore.

My weekly training runs during my lunch break are doing more than keeping me fit. They’re keeping me sane. For me, training in the middle of the day clears my mind and helps me refocus on what’s important. I’m fortunate to work near Arlington National Cemetery, so many of my running paths take me over there. Sometimes there is a funeral taking place, and I always assume it’s one of our country’s young soldiers. It makes me thankful that people are willing to risk their lives to protect an entire country. It’s noble and it’s brave, and I can’t think of a better way to say “thank you” then running with the Marines. As you know, I’ve committed to three of the Marines’ races this year. Until you’ve run alongside soldiers, you don’t know what “driven” means.

Here is a picture from one of last week’s runs. To celebrate Women’s History Month, it just made sense to stop for a picture in front of the Women in Military Service for America memorial.

Women in Military Service for America Memorial

Women in Military Service for America Memorial

As my brother and I gear up for our 2015 races, we hope that we’ll have your support. It’s important to keep our cousin’s memory alive, and to help other patients battling blood cancer. This is our purpose. It keeps us motivated and moving.

Thanks in advance for your support. MCM 2015 or BUST!


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