“It builds character!”

Ah yes, it’s my answer to imperfect weather conditions, “It builds character!”

It’s freezing outside, but running in the cold builds character.
It’s pouring outside, but running in the rain builds character.
It’s hotter than Hell outside, but running in Satan’s heat builds character…

That’s the attitude I kept today when Michael (my brother), Aaron, and I hit the Mt. Vernon Trail for our weekend run. Michael ran 3 miles and Aaron and I ran just under 6 miles. Today was my and Michael’s first time running together…EVER. How is that even possible??

Sibling dedication!

Sibling dedication!

The temps were frigid today, and the wind sharp and frosty. Less than ideal? I’d say so. But hey, running in conditions like that says a lot about a runner.

No excuses.
A little nutty.

Aaron pushed me hard today, and I’m super thankful for that. I’m definitely one of those people that needs a bit of fire under my feet to test my limits. It’s easy to hold back running solo, but when you’ve asked your running buddy to set the pace, you’ve committed. Boom. Done. Run.

You're going to see a lot of us lately!

Aaron is proof that I can co-exist with a New England fan!

Fundraising for the Marine Corps Marathon begins on Wednesday, April 1. My brother and I recorded a “Mission Moment” video today, which I’ll share with all of you on Wednesday. I hope you’ll join us this year, and help us beat blood cancer’s butt one mile at a time! Let’s Do It For David!!

POW!! Let's beat blood cancer together!

Let’s beat blood cancer together!


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