Fundraising Ribbons

These are mock-up Do It For David ribbons. (I’ve figured out how to write steadily with the paint pen now!)

I’d like to give huge SHOUT-OUTS and THANK YOUS to my first
2015 Do It For David supporters:

David M., Washington, D.C.
Aaron R., Alexandria, VA
Scott H., Allentown, NJ

If you want to become a member of the Do It For David team,
there’s more than one way.
Here’s your chance to be a member for only $5!
You can also add $5 per ribbon onto any donation amount.

Here’s what to do:

  • Make a $5 donation per ribbon through my fundraising page. Be sure to include a mailing address with your donation or email your mailing address to
  • Email specifying the ribbon fabric: stripes, thick solid, thin solid.

It’s that easy! Since these awareness ribbons will be made-to-order, please allow at least three days for processing. If you want a custom awareness ribbon to honor a loved one who died from cancer (it does not have to be blood cancer), let me know. Although I’m only working with green and purple color combinations to recognize Team in Training, I’m happy to accommodate a special order.

Thanks for your support and GO TEAM!


April Fundraising: Handmade Awareness Ribbons

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