Challenge Accepted Baby!!

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of good news. I accepted a new job; learned that my cousins Lori and Courtney, and my Aunt Mary are coming to D.C. for Marine Corps; and welcomed an offer to be a TNT Mentor for the 2015 MCM training season! Isn’t that wild?!

I’m a pretty positive person, and my attitude at this moment is beyond positive — it’s almost indescribable really. This new job has increased my confidence as a working professional. Knowing that David’s family will attend the marathon this year makes me want to train harder. Accepting the TNT Mentor position allows me to further convey my passion for LLS’s cause. I’m as excited as I was on race day last year! (See pic below of the scarily large and cheesy smile I flashed before jumping into my corral.)

Big Cheesin'

So what does all this mean? It means life is going to get a little hectic. Changing jobs is exciting, but stressful. Marathon training affects your social life. Adding another responsibility, like being a TNT Mentor, put limitations on some aspects of daily life (meetings, event planning).

Things will be hard until I figure out how to balance everything, but I’ve accepted the challenge and there’s nothing left to do than rise to the top. These are all good things, and they’re all worth 100% of my effort. Soooo, let’s do this!


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