My Oh My I’ve Been Delinquent

Dear Readers, 

Please forgive me for my delinquency in keeping this blog current. My only excuse is a busy life. Between switching jobs, training for a half-marathon, traveling, and taking on a new responsibility of Social Mentor for my Team in Training marathon team, I’ve been struggling to keep myself organized and not overwhelmed. It’s been a few weeks, and I think I’m finally settled and able to dedicate time to the blog. So here I am…


Over Memorial Day Weekend, I visited family back in New Jersey. Weeks prior, my brother and I coordinated with Lori and Aunt Mary to meet up, and I’m so happy that we did. The last time I saw them was at David’s funeral, so it was nice to see them in a happier setting. We talked about David and laughed a lot. Lori, Courtney, and Aunt Mary are super supportive of my and Michael’s mission, and have made it to several of Michael’s 5Ks. On June 20, I’m running a 5K with Michael in New Jersey, so it will be the first time we’re all together at a race. I can’t wait to share that day with you!

Between two fundraising events, May donations reached $807! Currently, I’m only $170-ish away from the $2,000 mark. I’m super pumped up about that! Thanks to all my May donors!

Mirko B.
Sarah and Mike B.
Dorothy D. and Eddy C.
Tana F.
Caitlin G.
Jennifer G.
Scott H.
Lori H.
Java House (local D.C. business)
David and Stacy K.
Linda K.
Shawn K.
Michael M.
Anna N.
Joyce S.
Peggy S.
Jean S.
Jack T.
Sarah Z.

As you know, I’d been training with Aaron for a half-marathon. The race was May 17, and Aaron reached a PR, but I didn’t. I finished strong though. We both did. Race day was hot and humid, and we both (admittedly) underestimated the hills. Yeah, I had quad pains for days…

Here are some pictures from race day:

Race Day Sign

Also running in memory of:

This is what kept me going when exhaustion started in…

Proud to finish in under 2 hours!

This Saturday is the first official team training for Marine Corps Marathon, but due to my June schedule, I won’t join the team for a practice until June 27! I’m vacationing next week, have Run Amuck on June 13, and then run my 5K with Michael in NJ on June 20. Insanity, I tell you!

I’m looking forward to meeting the team soon, and can’t wait to start training seriously again. Like last season, I’m still doing yoga twice a week, but one thing I’m doing different is boxing twice a week too. This doubles as cardio and strength training, and I’m curious to see how it affects my performance. Only time will tell, and I’m really excited to get this season started! GO TEAM!!

Local NJ Business Supports LLS at July 24 Martini and Jewelry Party

On July 24, the Skudera Family is hosting a Martini and Jewelry Party in Neptune City, New Jersey. Local business owner of Jersey Shore Sea Glass Carvings Ellie Nicholas is selling her handmade jewelry at the party, and will donate 20% of the proceeds to Team Do It For David.

Ellie Nichols, a Neptune City small business owner, is supporting Team Do It For David this year!

Ellie Nicholas, a Neptune City small business owner, is supporting Team Do It For David this year!

When asked why she’s participating in the event, this is what Ellie had to say:

“It takes a village. And if you happen to love and adore that village…well then you give in any way possible.

It is my honor to give of myself and my work to help eradicate leukemia and lymphoma. To aid in any way possible the successful mission of Team in Training…I can’t think of anything better!

One of the greatest results of my work, Jersey Shore Sea Glass Carvings, has been the meeting of such wonderful people and the stories attached to each piece. I hold each person and their story close as I create their pieces. This work, which started as such a fluke, has become without doubt the most meaningful thing I’ve done with my life. And to share this work to help LLS’s Team in Training is equal parts rewarding and humbling.”

We’re thrilled to have Ellie’s support, and hope our friends in New Jersey will stop by on July 24. Sip on summertime cocktails and purchase Jersey Shore-inspired and crafted jewelry. How fun is that?!

Stay tuned for more party details, and check out some of Ellie’s designs below!

Anchor and Hearts Necklace


Hamsa Necklace


Awareness Ribbon Necklaces

Awareness Ribbon Necklaces


Starfish Necklace

Starfish Necklace

You’re Only As Good As Your Form

During today’s 8-mile taper run, I was reminded of a simple, but critical thing: form. (Check out the latest video.)

I ran extremely well today and at a pace faster than usual. At times, my legs felt weightless. My arms felt strong. My breathing was spot on. I was totally locked in.

I think form is something a lot of casual runners overlook (maybe even some of us that run on a more consistent basis). I think many just assume that you lace up and just go, and don’t give much thought to cadence, breathing, step, arm movement, or alignment. Running is one of those sports where you really need to know your body and listen to it. One of my Team in Training coaches has a running blog, Striding Through, that you might enjoy reading.  He’s also owner of Breakout Running, and if you’re interested in increasing your speed or endurance, talk to this guy. He’s taught me a lot. (Thanks Coach Chris!)

So today’s lesson is simple: lose those floppy arms, tighten that core, concentrate on your breathing, and notice how your body is reacting during a run. In other words, listen to that body of yours! You’ve only got one, so treat it with love, keep it nourished, and push it to the limits in a smart way.

Friday Fundraising: Give A Little, Get A Lot

Since April 1, Michael and I have run more than 80 miles and raised $795! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our donors. Without your generosity, we wouldn’t be able to make a difference in the lives of blood cancer patients.

April Donors
Sarah C.
Erin E.
Katherine E.
Scott H.
Yana K.
Danyelle L.
David M.
Aaron R.
Arthur U.

This month’s race schedule includes my half-marathon on May 17, as well as a 5K Michael is running in Avon, New Jersey, on May 30. David’s wife, daughter, and mother are attending Michael’s race, and we’re thrilled about that!

As far as fundraising events, we’ve got two this month:

  • 32 Donations for My 32nd Birthday: Instead of gifts, make a donation of any amount to LLS on May 6. Help me reach 32 donations in 24 hours!
  • Guess My Half-Marathon Finish Time: The person with the closest guess will win a $50 Visa Gift Card!
    (HINT: I’ve completed three half-marathons in under 2 hours.)
    To participate, make a $10 donation for your first guess, and a $2 donation for any guess after that. After making your donation, email your guesses to, and include your name and mailing address so I can send you the gift card if you win.

Thanks for your support, and let’s continue beating blood cancer one mile at a time!

There's gonna be a blood cancer beat down!

There’s gonna be a blood cancer beat down!