You’re Only As Good As Your Form

During today’s 8-mile taper run, I was reminded of a simple, but critical thing: form. (Check out the latest video.)

I ran extremely well today and at a pace faster than usual. At times, my legs felt weightless. My arms felt strong. My breathing was spot on. I was totally locked in.

I think form is something a lot of casual runners overlook (maybe even some of us that run on a more consistent basis). I think many just assume that you lace up and just go, and don’t give much thought to cadence, breathing, step, arm movement, or alignment. Running is one of those sports where you really need to know your body and listen to it. One of my Team in Training coaches has a running blog, Striding Through, that you might enjoy reading.  He’s also owner of Breakout Running, and if you’re interested in increasing your speed or endurance, talk to this guy. He’s taught me a lot. (Thanks Coach Chris!)

So today’s lesson is simple: lose those floppy arms, tighten that core, concentrate on your breathing, and notice how your body is reacting during a run. In other words, listen to that body of yours! You’ve only got one, so treat it with love, keep it nourished, and push it to the limits in a smart way.


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