Apparently Apparent

Team Do It For David earned $255 during its 48-hour Father’s Day Weekend fundraiser, and I’m extremely pleased! GO TEAM!

During the fundraiser, two things became apparent to me:

  • The number of people that support my mission
  • The number of people that have had a loved one affected by blood cancer

Since Michael and I joined forces this year, we’ve seen an increase in our donor network. We’ve received donations from new friends, co-workers, and family members. We’ve seen our friends and family truly step it up, and I’m incredibly proud of everyone. It’s encouraging to know that so many support us. It reminds me that I never run alone. I have 70+ people joining me on the journey.

Unfortunately, I’m also learning that more people in my network have been affected by blood cancer than I knew. It’s about David, and Bob Evans, and Edward Walker, and so many others that could not overcome the disease. I am honored to carry the torch for these brave individuals, and continue raising awareness of blood cancer and the need for new treatments.

I’m also honored to run for survivors. My team’s Fall Season Honored Hero this year is a 6 year old little girl named Emma. She’s an acute lymphoblastic leukemia survivor, and completed her last chemo treatment on August 3, 2014. She’s incredibly sweet and wears a smile constantly. She’s another reminder of why I run.

Keeping all of this in mind, I’m mentally preparing for my hill run tomorrow morning with Aaron. When I was describing the route and elevation changes to him yesterday, I almost talked myself out of it! But, I’ve got to keep running. There are too many who depend on the lifesaving research LLS provides, and there are too many whose memories need to be kept alive, like David’s.

Speaking of which, over the weekend Michael and I ran our first 5K together back in New Jersey, and David’s family cheered us on and welcomed us at the finish line. Michael and I finished with PRs and received team t-shirts from our 13-year-old cousin, Courtney. She designed them with her father in mind, and they couldn’t be more perfectly David.

Team Do It For David (from left): David's mom Mary Lou, David daughter Courtney, me, Michael, David's wife Lori, and family friend and LLS supporter Nate.

Team Do It For David (from left): David’s mom Mary Lou, David daughter Courtney, me, Michael, David’s wife Lori, and family friend and LLS supporter Nate.




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