Make That Money, Money, Money

Here’s Michael warming up those biceps before thirsty guests arrive!

I am jittery with excitement as I write this post! Last night, my mom and brother held Team Do It For David’s first fundraising event. Their Martini and Jewelry Party featured summer-inspired, hand-crafted cocktails, and showcased jewelry from local New Jersey business Jersey Shore Sea Glass Carvings. Between jewelry sales and donations, $541 was raised for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)!

Jersey Shore Sea Glass Carvings owner Ellie Nicholas shared, “I got to be a part of a fundraiser last night to help battle blood cancer and support LLS, Team Do It For David, and the ever lovely Skudera family. What an honor and a privilege to share in a night of love, support, and brave determination. To all who attended and purchased Jersey Shore Sea Glass Carvings…from the bottom of my heart…I thank you!”

Thanks to everyone’s generosity last night, we are inching closer to our $6,000 fundraising goal. Did you know that 78% of every dollar goes toward blood cancer research and LLS patient education? That speaks volume about LLS as an organization, and I’m thrilled that so many friends and family members support this mission.

GO TEAM!!!!!


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