Closing Out 2015 Updates on Fundraising, Races

What a year it’s been! We’ve had lots of ups (surpassing our fundraising goal) and downs (injuries), but we’ve come out on top again! Between July 2014 and November 2015, Team Do It For David has raised a total of more than $10,000! <insert applause>

With the year winding down, I’ve already begun planning for 2016 and have secured a fundraising event with SoulCycle in January! Mom, Michael, Lori, and the rest of Team Do It For David back in New Jersey have their wheels spinning too. We learned a lot this year regarding fundraising, and look forward to raising even more moolah in 2016. (Stay in-the-know with upcoming fundraising events by visiting the new Fundraising Events page.)

Michael completes his last race of 20 this Sunday, December 13. He’s looking forward to the break in training and devising a race plan for 2016 that will be a little easier on his knees… But, like they always say: no pain, no gain.

I was cleared to start running again and am training at least two days a week (to start). I’m at a comfortable 3 miles and am working on rebuilding my endurance and reaching my goal pace. I’ve also upped my strength training routine.

In 2016, I’ve committed to running a half-marathon in the Spring and will run with Team in Training in the 2016 Chicago Marathon. Watch out Chi-town! I’m coming for you!

On behalf of Team Do It For David, I’d like to thank everyone who supported us this year. We had great turnouts for our fundraising events, grew our running team, and made lots of new friends. We’re looking forward to what the new year brings!



We're getting on step closer to finding a cure for blood cancer!

Let's do this!!

Team Do It For David (from left): David's mom Mary Lou, David daughter Courtney, me, Michael, David's wife Lori, and family friend and LLS supporter Nate.

We practiced together for 90 minutes, and sent lots of love and positive energy to blood cancer patients.

Rook Run 5K