Tuesday Training Tip: Chilled Lavender Skin Wipes

I don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Today’s training tip is inspired by my yoga studio, EPIC DC.

Washington, D.C., is finally experiencing warm, spring temperatures so today’s run was my first in capris and tech t-shirt. I wore sun sunblock. I sweated like a beast. When I got home after another hilly 4-miler, I was sweaty, sticky, and smelly. YUCK.

I’m a planner. In anticipation of warmer weather, I soaked some small washcloths in water scented with lavender essential oil, rolled them up, and stuck them in the fridge. After a hot yoga class, there’s nothing more refreshing than wiping down my face and arms with a chilled lavender wash cloth. The same goes for a post-run. How delightful to have a refreshing respite from clammy, sunblock-coated skin!

Oh lavender, how I adore you!

Oh lavender, how I adore you!

I hope you’ll give this a try. I’m going to experiment with different essential oils too. I’m curious about peppermint, as well as bergamot. I think I’ll appreciate this even more when D.C. becomes a swampy mess in July.

If you try this out, share your essential oil choice(s) with me. As you know, I love trying new things!


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