There’s a First Time for Everything, Right?

On Saturday, I dropped out of my first race. Ever. At mile 8.

In retrospect, running the St. Michael’s Half Marathon was probably a bad idea. I sort of knew that on the Tuesday leading up to it.

I’d been dealing with what I thought was calf pain for two weeks, and learned today that the pain isn’t even in my calf: it’s originating from my inner knee! More specifically,  my MCL and/or my meniscus is inflamed. The prescription: Rest, ice, and anti-inflammatories. Nothing serious. WHEW!

My chiropractor reconfirmed that I am, indeed, a smarter runner now. Two years ago, I would’ve kept going. Stopping midway was the right thing to do. Had I continued, I could have sprained or torn my MCL. EEEEEK!

Today I’m feeling much better about the situation and I look forward to rebounding. The prize is Chicago in October, so I’ve got to stay focused on that while working on self love. I am extremely hard on myself and it’s unkind. My yoga teacher shared a quote with me a few years ago, and it’s during these times I return to it:

“For every time you judge yourself, you break your own heart.”

Why punish myself repeatedly? There are no benefits.

The alternative? Realign the chakras and drop into radiance. (I’m working on it.)



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