A Summer of Ups (and One Down)

It’s hard to believe that August is over and summer is winding down.
Team Do It For David welcomed outrageous success in August and raised more than $1,000 between two fundraisers!

My blueberry jam sales surpassed the $500 mark, so thanks to everyone who bought a jar (or two). I still have some left, so if you’re interested, drop me a line. All proceeds go to LLS.

Blueberry Jam at Sip + Shop

Blueberry Jam at Sip + Shop

For Fall, I’ll be making and selling 4 oz. jars of apple butter. Keep an eye out for price and ordering information.

The Team’s August 26 Sip + Shop event was a great success. Our final dollar count was $684!! That’s $143 MORE than last year! Thanks to all of our friends and family who swung by to support our mission. This event wouldn’t have been possible without our talented vendors, so a here’s HUGE THANKS to CB’s Creations, Jersey Shore Seaglass Carvings, JnJ Gift Baskets, and Sip + Stitch Crochet for donating a portion of their sales to LLS. You helped push us over the edge this year!

Here are some photos from the event:

CB's Creations

CB’s Creations

Sip + Stitch Crochet

Sip + Stitch Crochet

JnJ Gift Baskets

JnJ Gift Baskets

Jersey Shore Seaglass Carvings

Jersey Shore Seaglass Carvings

Unfortunately, I will not be running in the Chicago Marathon in October. Last year’s hip injury–a torn labrum–has flared up again. My doctors have advised me that running in pain will get me nowhere fast, and that I must take at least 3 months off from running entirely. At this point, I’m 3 weeks into my 3 month recovery period and am feeling a lot better. No more hobbling around or cussing as I go up and down the stairs. Rest is the best course of action right now, and it gives me the opportunity to get stronger before I lace up again. BUT…for those who know me, “rest” really isn’t a word in my vocabulary, so I’ve been keeping in shape through spin, barre, and yoga classes. A body in motion stays in motion, right?

With that being said, my goal for 2017 is to run the New Jersey Half or Full Marathon (it will depend on what my body can handle). I won’t be doing it alone either. Michael has committed to running his FIRST EVER half-marathon with Team in Training! I’m excited to run with my brother and continue representing Team in Training, especially in my home state of New Jersey.

All but $700 of my current fundraising will be transferred to the New Jersey race. The money not transferring over will go to the TNT Flex Team goal, which is the team I trained with for Chicago.

There are additional fundraising events in the works, including a yoga fundraiser (in DC) and a holiday shopping fundraiser (in NJ). Stay tuned for details.


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