“Lucky” Charms Are Here!

As part of my February 4 “World Cancer Day” fundraiser, I’m giving away blood cancer awareness swag with every donation. One of my items arrived last week and I am super excited about the quality (you never know what you’re getting when you order online).

Check out these charms!


Because of their petite size, they’re easy incorporate into everyday wear. They can be strung onto a necklace chain, tied onto a shoelace, or added to an elastic hair tie.
Side Note: I need more of that elastic!


I hope you’ll join me in the fight against blood cancer on February 4. GO TEAM!

:: Time to CRUSH IT ::

The holidays were insane and I’ve finally got my groove back!

Since my last post, a lot has happened:

  • I visited family in NJ for the holidays.
  • I vacationed in Montreal for the new year.
  • I started a 4-week health and fitness challenge (I’m finishing week one in a few days).
  • I started a regular yoga practice again.
  • I am making time for me, and that means a monthly massage and bi-weekly acupuncture.

The 2017 TNT training season is underway, and while back in NJ, I ran the first training run of the season with my older brother, Michael. It was brutal: 5 miles along the Jersey Shore in windy, cold conditions. We did it though!

Dec 26 2016 5 Miles

Since then, I’ve kept a regular fitness and training schedule of running, yoga, and barre3. I will incorporate spin classes eventually, since I found them very beneficial when training for my first marathon.

In terms of my duties as a TNT Flex Team Captain, I’ve been encouraging my mentees to keep up with their training and meet their fundraising goals. In addition, this week I shared a recipe for a post-run smoothie. I think I’ll make that a habit, maybe a once-a-month thing. Nutrition is so important, whether you’re training or not.

February 4 is World Cancer Day. Each donation received on February 4 will receive a free gift!

  • A $10 donation receives a blood cancer awareness magnet.
  • A $20 donation receives a blood cancer awareness magnet and a mini blood cancer awareness charm. The charm can be slid onto sneaker laces or an elastic hair tie.

I’m less than $2,000 away from reaching $10,000 and it’s my goal to reach that before race day on April 30 race day. I know I can do it. (I’m a beast!!) I hope you’ll help me get there.