:: Time to CRUSH IT ::

The holidays were insane and I’ve finally got my groove back!

Since my last post, a lot has happened:

  • I visited family in NJ for the holidays.
  • I vacationed in Montreal for the new year.
  • I started a 4-week health and fitness challenge (I’m finishing week one in a few days).
  • I started a regular yoga practice again.
  • I am making time for me, and that means a monthly massage and bi-weekly acupuncture.

The 2017 TNT training season is underway, and while back in NJ, I ran the first training run of the season with my older brother, Michael. It was brutal: 5 miles along the Jersey Shore in windy, cold conditions. We did it though!

Dec 26 2016 5 Miles

Since then, I’ve kept a regular fitness and training schedule of running, yoga, and barre3. I will incorporate spin classes eventually, since I found them very beneficial when training for my first marathon.

In terms of my duties as a TNT Flex Team Captain, I’ve been encouraging my mentees to keep up with their training and meet their fundraising goals. In addition, this week I shared a recipe for a post-run smoothie. I think I’ll make that a habit, maybe a once-a-month thing. Nutrition is so important, whether you’re training or not.

February 4 is World Cancer Day. Each donation received on February 4 will receive a free gift!

  • A $10 donation receives a blood cancer awareness magnet.
  • A $20 donation receives a blood cancer awareness magnet and a mini blood cancer awareness charm. The charm can be slid onto sneaker laces or an elastic hair tie.

I’m less than $2,000 away from reaching $10,000 and it’s my goal to reach that before race day on April 30 race day. I know I can do it. (I’m a beast!!) I hope you’ll help me get there.


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