“Got My Back” Fundraising Campaign

Who’s got my back for the New Jersey Marathon and Half Marathon on April 30?

From March 6 to March 31, I am “selling myself” to benefit LLS. (Not THAT way. LOL) I’ve dubbed it the “Got My Back” campaign. Here’s how it works:

On race day, I’ll wear ribbons with donor names on them. In addition, I’ll also write donor names and messages with body markers on my arms and legs. All of this comes at a price…

  • Ribbon on front of shirt: $50 donation
  • Ribbon on back of shirt: $25 donation
  • Name and/or message on forearm or tricep: $10 donation
  • Name and/or message on quad: $20 donation

Everyone who donates, in my opinion, has my back and supports my mission with LLS. Every donor cannot be in NJ along the course on race day, so why not have each run WITH me instead? When my mind is starting to wander or my legs starting to fatigue, I’ll just need to look down to be reminded of how many people truly support me.

I look forward to having you join me on April 30. GO TEAM!

Running in memory of these beautiful souls...

These are a few of the beautiful souls I run in memory of.  Donor ribbons will look similar, but may vary.

My cousin David, our team's namesake. Here's what forearm placement could look like.

My cousin David, our team’s namesake. Here’s what forearm placement could look like.

Fundraising Ribbon Examples

Fundraising Ribbon Examples