“Got My Back” Fundraising Campaign

Who’s got my back for the New Jersey Marathon and Half Marathon on April 30?

From March 6 to March 31, I am “selling myself” to benefit LLS. (Not THAT way. LOL) I’ve dubbed it the “Got My Back” campaign. Here’s how it works:

On race day, I’ll wear ribbons with donor names on them. In addition, I’ll also write donor names and messages with body markers on my arms and legs. All of this comes at a price…

  • Ribbon on front of shirt: $50 donation
  • Ribbon on back of shirt: $25 donation
  • Name and/or message on forearm or tricep: $10 donation
  • Name and/or message on quad: $20 donation

Everyone who donates, in my opinion, has my back and supports my mission with LLS. Every donor cannot be in NJ along the course on race day, so why not have each run WITH me instead? When my mind is starting to wander or my legs starting to fatigue, I’ll just need to look down to be reminded of how many people truly support me.

I look forward to having you join me on April 30. GO TEAM!

Running in memory of these beautiful souls...

These are a few of the beautiful souls I run in memory of.  Donor ribbons will look similar, but may vary.

My cousin David, our team's namesake. Here's what forearm placement could look like.

My cousin David, our team’s namesake. Here’s what forearm placement could look like.

Fundraising Ribbon Examples

Fundraising Ribbon Examples


Ready to Donate? Me Too!

AHH! I’m so excited about my World Cancer Day virtual fundraiser happening THIS Saturday, February 4.

Every donor receives a FREE GIFT and this year I’ve got blood cancer awareness magnets, charms, and elastic (for hair ties).


So here’s the deal:

  • A $10 donation gets you a blood cancer awareness magnet.
  • A $20+ donation gets you a magnet PLUS a charm. For the ladies, I’ll also include an elastic hair tie. (Guys, if you want some elastic too, I gotchu!)

A little about World Cancer Day:

A truly global event taking place every year on 4 February, World Cancer Day unites the world’s population in the fight against cancer.

It aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about the disease, pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action.

My goal is to receive at least 20 donations this Saturday, and I need your help to make it happen. Let’s do this!

“Lucky” Charms Are Here!

As part of my February 4 “World Cancer Day” fundraiser, I’m giving away blood cancer awareness swag with every donation. One of my items arrived last week and I am super excited about the quality (you never know what you’re getting when you order online).

Check out these charms!


Because of their petite size, they’re easy incorporate into everyday wear. They can be strung onto a necklace chain, tied onto a shoelace, or added to an elastic hair tie.
Side Note: I need more of that elastic!


I hope you’ll join me in the fight against blood cancer on February 4. GO TEAM!

:: Time to CRUSH IT ::

The holidays were insane and I’ve finally got my groove back!

Since my last post, a lot has happened:

  • I visited family in NJ for the holidays.
  • I vacationed in Montreal for the new year.
  • I started a 4-week health and fitness challenge (I’m finishing week one in a few days).
  • I started a regular yoga practice again.
  • I am making time for me, and that means a monthly massage and bi-weekly acupuncture.

The 2017 TNT training season is underway, and while back in NJ, I ran the first training run of the season with my older brother, Michael. It was brutal: 5 miles along the Jersey Shore in windy, cold conditions. We did it though!

Dec 26 2016 5 Miles

Since then, I’ve kept a regular fitness and training schedule of running, yoga, and barre3. I will incorporate spin classes eventually, since I found them very beneficial when training for my first marathon.

In terms of my duties as a TNT Flex Team Captain, I’ve been encouraging my mentees to keep up with their training and meet their fundraising goals. In addition, this week I shared a recipe for a post-run smoothie. I think I’ll make that a habit, maybe a once-a-month thing. Nutrition is so important, whether you’re training or not.

February 4 is World Cancer Day. Each donation received on February 4 will receive a free gift!

  • A $10 donation receives a blood cancer awareness magnet.
  • A $20 donation receives a blood cancer awareness magnet and a mini blood cancer awareness charm. The charm can be slid onto sneaker laces or an elastic hair tie.

I’m less than $2,000 away from reaching $10,000 and it’s my goal to reach that before race day on April 30 race day. I know I can do it. (I’m a beast!!) I hope you’ll help me get there.

Teas, Teas, All Kinda Teas

It’s tea time! I hope you’ll join me in this 6-week fundraiser for LLS.

Beginning today through December 16, I’m selling batches of my herbal teas. All proceeds from each sale go directly to my fundraising commitment with LLS. This year I’m training for the New Jersey Marathon and am running in memory of the following people:

  • David Hicks
  • Larry Hicks
  • Bob Evans
  • Elizabeth W. Martin
  • Derik Dupont

I will also be running in honor of the following people who are currently battling blood cancer:

  • Carmine Bordino
  • Kevin Coll

You don’t have to log miles to help. All you need to do is sip on a warm cup of my herbal tea. Below is more information on my teas, as well as pricing. Ordering is simple. Send an email to HerbalTeasForLLS@gmail.com and I’ll send you an order form.

A few of my current concoctions…

Allergy Tea: Seasonal or pet allergy sufferers unite! Stinging nettle is known for its allergy-fighting properties, so sip on this blend of hibiscus, nettle, and peppermint throughout the day. I developed this blend to help me combat my allergy symptoms, and I’m no longer taking Zyrtec-D!

Apple-Rhubarb Tea: Cozy up with this autumn-inspired blend of cinnamon, dried apples, dried rhubarb, lemon balm, lemongrass, and lemon thyme. Try sipping on a crisp fall morning!

Peppermint Tea: Soothe your tummy with this potent peppermint tea! Sip after a meal to help combat bloating or fullness, or enjoy in the morning before eating breakfast. Peppermint tea is also excellent for headaches.

Sleep Tea: Ease yourself into a comfortable slumber with a blend of hop flowers, lavender, lemon balm, passionflower, rose petals, and skullcap. Add a touch of honey to sweeten. Drink 30-45 minutes before bedtime.

0.5 ounce of tea: $10 OR 0.5 ounce of tea + vintage tea cup: $15
1 ounce of tea: $18 OR 1 ounce of tea + vintage tea cup: $20

NOTES: All herbs used are organic and fair-trade. Each purchase will include 10 complimentary tea bags.

My Herbal Teas Benefit More Than Just You and Me

This year I became an amateur (okay, very amateur) herbalist. I started seeing a professional herbalist and my interest in whole body health with herbs increased from a pea-sized orb to one that feels as big as the Earth.

Thanks to a few good books and a fantastic small business in New Jersey (Thanks Bond and Bangs Apothecary!), I started creating teas, infusing olive oil with herbs, and making my own skin salves. Do they work? YES. Even I can’t believe it sometimes.

In an effort to spread the good word and raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, I will be selling a variety of my herbal teas to benefit Team Do It For David and my fundraising efforts with LLS. Sales begin November 1 and will run through December 16. (Yup! I built in shipping time for Christmas!)

Here’s the deal: 100% of the proceeds will go directly to LLS. Keep in mind that 74% of every dollar is donated to research, education, and helping patients and their families. That means more money is funneled to patients and research, and less goes to administrative costs. BOOM.

After chatting with my mom about the idea, we decided to sell the tea separately or with a vintage teacup. Mom went nuts at the “junk store” one Saturday afternoon and picked a bunch of winners from this pile…


…and let me tell you, she found some winners!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a listing of my teas, available teacups, and pricing. I’m really looking forward to sharing my new love herbal teas with you.

Team Captain? Don’t Mind If I Do.

My goal of running the Chicago Marathon was squashed this year because of an existing injury that flared up. Officially bowing out of the race and sharing the news with friends and family hurt  on more levels than one.

I made it a point to remain active in my running group, a Team in Training (TNT) Flex Team, through social media, and leaned on my running buddy Aaron to keep my spirits high. It stung watching my teammates continue to train for a race I so desperately wanted to compete in, and at times I felt jealous. It’s then when I tapped into my team the most. I didn’t want to be that spiteful teammate taking her anger, frustration, and disappointment out on others. That’s not me.

“Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald

Race day and came and went, and my teammates achieved great things. Some completed their first marathon. Others reached a new PR. Lots of money was raised for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Between the 321 Team in Training Chicago Marathon runners, $865,000 was raised for clinical research and patient support for those battling blood cancer. Those 321 runners are making a huge impact on the lives of blood cancer patients and I’m honored to be part of such an incredible organization.


Now that the Chicago Marathon has passed, I’ve got my eyes on a new race with TNT: the New Jersey Marathon and Half Marathon. Held on April 30, 2017, I’ll be running 26.2 miles back in my home state. Better yet? My brother is participating in the half-marathon. It’ll be his longest race yet.

What’s most exciting for me is that I’ve been asked to be a Team Captain, a mentor essentially, for the TNT Flex New Jersey Marathon and Half Marathon team! I’m excited at the opportunity to have a group of TNT runners, some new to the program and some seasoned (like me), to mentor and guide through training. I didn’t apply for the position, so it’s even more humbling.

I look forward to lacing up and returning the pavement. I haven’t run since August 13 and my plan is to have a “test” run the first week of November. Currently, I’m in zero pain and have focused a lot of my fitness on strength training, mainly barre3 classes. I’m noticing a difference (more definition), but miss my cardio (and carbs!). Additionally, watching my running shoes collect dust and dog dander is a sin.

I hope you’ll stay tuned for training, fundraising, and MENTORING (!!) updates. I’m so excited for the 2017 training season!